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General Information
It is important that you take the necessary time to complete all the requested information that is applicable to your situation. If a box is left unanswered we will assume that the box is not applicable to your income tax return.

This Web-Site is designed to serve the needs of the majority of income tax filers. You will probably find that only a few of the input screens apply to you. Please disregard any areas that are not applicable to your situation. You may skip any sections that do not apply to you by using the Form Navagator at the top of each section form after the first page.


Special Instructions For Entering Your Data
When entering your tax data, complete each page fully before moving forward to the next page. If you make an error on this page, use your tab key or mouse pointer to move within the page. Do not refresh or reload the page. Refreshing or reloading the page will delete all information entered on previous pages.


You May Need To Contact Us If:
The tax laws can be very complex. A minority of income tax filers may have a tax situation that is not covered by the input screens of CPA1040. A few examples of these situations are:

  • Filing state income tax returns in several states;
  • Sales or purchases of a residence;
  • Multiple self-employed businesses (Schedule C);
  • Sales of business assets in your self-employed business;
  • Income or loss from partnerships or S-corporations (K-1's);
  • More than three rental properties;
  • Foreign earned income;
  • Casualty and theft losses;
  • Complex brokerage transactions like futures and option trading; and
  • Premature distributions from retirement plans.

Should you have any of these issues in your income tax return you will need to contact our office via E-mail, telephone, or fax. Our numbers are as follows:

Telephone (818)996-8296
Fax (818)996-8299

General Disclaimer
Any tax information provided here is not intended to be exhaustive or all inclusive. The tax laws and their interpretations are thousands (if not millions) of pages long. The information on this Help screen is intended only to assist you in completing the input forms.

You may consult with one of our CPA's (at an extra cost) or an independent tax specialist of your choice should you require tax advise.